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Accepting membership to the C4 Collective means you’re amongst the few. The few who understand that good things happen when you’re sincere, accountable & thoughtful. This isn’t controversial but is somehow an uncommon business philosophy. 

The advice in our daily emails is practical, creative & powerful. The goal is to help you connect with your customers as people first. This authenticity builds trust, drives traffic and generates profits.

Make no mistake. This isn’t a marketing strategy. It’s a customer cultivation process. It’s why we won’t use complex jargon to mask ineffectiveness. Our strategies won’t leave you dependent on Google and you won’t be at the mercy of the social media conglomerates. 

That said, our approach isn’t easy. It requires effort. And personality. And the ability to apply reason. It can’t be faked or half-assed. And really… that’s why it works.

You’ve joined a movement. The C4 Collective is a community of small business owners, solopreneurs & independent contractors who connect with people, as people. Welcome. 

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